One in four Swedish bank workers has been exposed to a bank robbery


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Monday, 02 May 2011
One in four who work or have worked at a bank branch in Sweden has been robbed at some point in their carrier, according to a study.

Last year, the number of bank robberies in Sweden where lower compared to previous years. Bank robberies reduced for the third consecutive year, according to the survey that shows crude bank robberies in Sweden known as the Bank Robbery barometer or in Swedish ‘R�nbarometern’.  Last year it was 29 against 46 bank robberies in 2009.

In three years the number of bank robberies dropped from 110 to 29  and so far this year it there have been only two robberies recorded.

The explanation for this positive trend has been attributed to strong Banks' Security measures various banks have taken to reduce cash handling - for example, that one must announce in advance whether to take out larger amounts, and that there are better techniques for managing money.

In contrast, the attacks on cash in transit have stayed at around 40 robberies per year.
Another trend that can be easily read from the responses is that many more of the affected bank employees say they feel worse after being robbed.
Just over half the incident had a negative effects - for 87 percent of them, this was increased anxiety, fear or anxiety. 44 percent said they had poorer health or sleep problems, 14 percent said they were sick.

The bank robbery survey was conducted by the Financial Sector Union and published in the April issue of the magazine Finansliv.
2700 people, who are or have been employed at a branch office, participated in the survey.
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