Norwegian bankers to go on strike - a strange development in a profession thought to be safe in wealth


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Monday, 06 June 2011
For the first time in modern times or since the1970s, there is a strange talk of bankers and bank workers going on strike. This is a very strange tale and where would this come from? Norway! The last time a bank strike took place in Norway was in 1976.

The Norwegians are invited to pay their bills and withdraw money today because as from tomorrow, Tuesday, if thing remain as they are, at press time, workers of Norwegian banks will be going on strike.

This is some that has not been heard of in the country since 1970s  and it is strange given that banker have been basking in glorious wealth in the past years – one factor which has bee described a responsible for the financial crisis that rocked most leading economies in the past years.

The reason for this strike has to do with difficulties to agree on pay packages among the parties in the Norwegian financial industry. They will try to meet again today Monday once more to try and agree on something amicable that could avert the strike action.

If they fail to agree, then there wouldn’t be any way to stop a strike that is expected hit tomorrow, Tuesday, 8 o'clock in the morning.

This will of course hit all Norwegian bank customers very hard and some valuable international transaction will also be hit hard. The conflict between the Norwegian financial sector and financial industry's employers' association has to do with this year's pay negotiations.

If they do not agree with the more than 15 000 bank employees a strike, which will affect including cash withdrawals, online banking and e-commerce sites will be crumpled.
Therefore, it should be wise for those who live and work in Norway to ensure that they pay their bills and do cash withdrawals today.

“As many banks have been away for the weekend and banks are not drained off money, we have not encouraged people to stock up, but having money available for a few days to pay for basics is vital, said information director Leif Osland to the Norwegian daily Dagbladet.
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