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Norwegian Political party wants investigation of Lundin Petroleum in relation to Sudan accusation

Thursday, 06 October 2011
The debates in Sweden about the ethical position the Swedish oil giant, Lundin Petroleum, has now attracted the Norwegians after Lundin made the big oil find in the North Sea recently.

In Sweden, there has been a long lasting debate about Lundin Petroleum's possible links to the atrocities in Sudan, where the company was accused of direct and indirect humand rights abuses in Sudan. Even the current Swedish foreign minister, Carl Bildts is said to be party of the accusation for he was a leading board member of the company at the time the atrocities are reported to have happen when the company was operating in Sudan. 


After Lundin's giant projection of the oil in Avaldsnes oil well, in the North Sea, the Norwegians want to investigate the background of the company.

The Socialist Left Party's environment spokesman, Snorre Valen says there can be talk of excluding the company from the Norwegian giant oil fund, the world's largest public fund; it is found that the company was involved in the accused atrocities.

According to the Norwegian newspaper, Dagbladet, Lundin can also be suspended from getting more new oil rights in Norway, report Swedish media sources.
By Scancomark.se Team

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