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Nokia’s net strategy is to carry out intense US market campaign

Monday, 09 April 2012
Nokia’s next strategy is to launch its smart phones in the USA and that was done on Easter Sunday. As the US shops start carrying out Nokia’s flagship Lumia 900, the Finnish mobile phone giant is hoping for a new foothold in the smartphone market. But analysts say that the company has two or three years to make its strategy work.

Nokia's Lumia brand run on the Microsoft platform is intended as a competitor to Android smartphones and Apple's iPhone. Nokia and its operating system partner Microsoft have a lot at stake in the push to establish the Windows-based smartphone in the American market.

The potential for success is there. The Lumia 900 has received glowing advance reviews, particularly for its design and ease of use.

There are concerns, however, that consumers who are used to the Apple iPhone and Android phones may be put off by the Lumia's Windows-based concept. Nokia is looking to elbow its way into the American market with aggressive pricing -- even the most expensive phone will cost less than $100. Sales are also being backed up with a massive marketing campaign.

"Nokia is no longer very well known in the US market, as it’s been years since it had significant visibility here. Bringing a phone to consumers for under a hundred dollars, or if part of a subscription package nearly free -- as other smartphone manufacturers, except Apple have done -- has one purpose. And that is to make the brand name known in North America," says Alkesh Shah, an analysts of the market according to Finnish news agency Yle.

The Lumia 900 will not conquer America on its own. According to Alkesh Shah, Nokia will, in fact, have a competitive smartphone only when Microsoft can deliver its Windows 8 operating system that is designed for mobile services.

Once Windows 8 is released late in 2021, Nokia may bring new phones to market around the end of the year. A Windows 8 tablet computer may also be on the way, according to reports.
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