Nokia to close down on-line store in some international markets as the company's downward march continues.


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Wednesday, 01 June 2011
As Nokia's share price plummets, the news that mobile giant will close its online retailers in an increasing number of countries is not being taken as strange but surprising as how a great company like Nokia has come to a level that it has no strategy to revive itself.

Nokia has already closed online stores in Spain and France, and the stores in Finland, Sweden, Poland and the Netherlands are next in line at the end of June, said Nokia's communications department as reported in various media networks in Finland.

According to the reports, the online shops are closed because of declining sales figures. A representative of Nokia in Spain warrant closure decision to  poor sales and competition from mobile operators who sell their Nokia phones very cheaper. Nokia also has online retailersin places including Germany, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Switzerland and Britain.


Nokia just seem overwhelmed now by its falling performance and is finding it hard to control costs and to come out with not strategies.  It should be noted that it is not cheap mobile phones that are the demise of Nokia, although they hold this as a factor. Before they joined hand with Microsoft, Nokia was already going down.

They had not a launch any significant new generation products for a while and sat there and watch the smart phone come and go. It is just the same as in the 1990s when the clamp shed phone came on, Nokia state and watch and only started reacting after the likes of Samsung had started posing as a real threat. One should recall that last year when Nokia promised the launch a new phone, it had to cancel the launch several times.

Today they are blaming the sales of cheap phones as being the reason behind their downward spiral. But Samsung and iphones are not cheap. Even Sony Ericsson which has been posting black figure these also produce and sells pretty expensive phones.  

Nokia has just presented itself as a company that was lucky to own technology that was not there at that time but a company that has limited future because it cannot compete with others. Nokia is a company that grew too big and failed to listen to its customer and watch the evolution of the market and technology. The next thing to do now is to observe what Microsoft will do with the company
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