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Nokia shifting to mobile phone TV application for its Lumia - Rumour

Saturday, 31 March 2012
There is rumour that Nokia wants to launch TV application that will enable users to watch TV on their Lumia phones.
According to reports in Finland, referring to the the  the internet magazine, The Verge, unconfirmed application for the Nokia Lumia could allow users to watch national TV broadcasts via broadband.

According to Verge, Nokia TV would bring together programmes from the iplayer services of Yle, MTV3 and Channel Nelonen. It is also claimed some live broadcasts might be available.
Actual TV signals will not be received by the application as it would rely on a broadband connection.

Some years ago Nokia introduced a TV application for its phones but the project did not get off the ground.

So far, claims of a broadband TV service application for Nokia’s Lumia line have not been confirmed.
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