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Nokia launches 4G Windows phone in US
Tuesday, 10 January 2012
Nokia unveiled its Windows-based smartphone at an annual technology-related trade show in Las Vegas on Monday.
Finnish broadcaster Yle reports that the Lumia 900 will be offered exclusively on the latest generation 4G LTE network of US telecom giant AT&T.

The move is part of the ailing Finnish mobile phone giant's continued effort to gain a stronger foothold in the US market. AT&T's mobile-phone network is the second largest in the US, making the deal a significant one for Nokia, reports Yle.

Observers said the AT&T and Nokia union was expected.
“It would have been a bigger surprise if it hadn’t happened,” says analyst Mikko Ervasti of Evli Bank to Yle.
Late last autumn Nokia introduced its first two smartphones running Microsoft's Windows Phone software. Nokia began shipping the Lumia 800, similar to the 900 model, to European markets in November.

Mikko Ervasti adds that despite the launch of the new model, it may take months or even years for Nokia to retake the American market. However, success in the US market is important for the future of the company.

"The United States is the sector's most important market, where enormous numbers of phones are sold. Success there will be decisive for the company’s future," Ervasti told YLE.

Nokia launched its first two Windows-based phones in October of last year. The predecessor of the Lumia 900, the Lumia 800 is on sale in a number of European countries, but estimates of sales figures vary.
News source: Yle Finland

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