New production interruption in the Saab factory in Gothenburg


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Tuesday, 07 June 2011
Production in the Saab Automobile factory in Trollh�ttan once more came to an abrupt stop on Tuesday when car builders on the shop floor could not find some parts.

Just when all thought that Saab was off the hook and all was going to be find then news came of interruption. However, this time there seems to be limited tension because it is all know that Saab has the money but some part supplied were still dragging their feet to agree on new supply deal with Saab.
Even saab’s CEO said that he was finding hard to bring all the part supplier to the table. Some of then are still too annoyed with Saab that they don’t know they can look at Saab I the yes and agree a new deal.


Saab has an order for 5000 cars in Sweden and abroad and managed to start production again on Monday last week after being stalled for almost two months. On Thursday, the workshop was closed for the long weekend, and production resumed today Tuesday. But it could only go a few hours before the hiccup came on again and production stopped.

“We said at resumption of operation that it will be hard for free flow of materials to be effected and that is what has happened now. But production can start again tomorrow, "said Gunilla Gustavs of Saab's information department.

But the president of Automotive Suppliers Group, Sven�ke Berglie, told the Gothenburg daily, G�teborgs-Posten that Saab still has not negotiated with subcontractors, and that many of them have not yet been paid. Saab's CIO Eric Geers said to G�teborgs-Posten, that Saab currently have problems with deliveries.

"We have been out for seven weeks, which meant that many suppliers also suffered. Negotiations are still ongoing with some providers and that is why we have said that there is a danger of these kinds of stops during the "break" I talked last week that and even today, with foreign suppliers who have not met up Saab’s requirmenets and is critical.” Saab said.

Saab Automobile has signed an agreement with the Chinese dealer Pang Da worth 45 million Euros.
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