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More starts –ups in cleaning business in Sweden

Wednesday, 07 March 2012
The number of employees in the cleaning industry is increasing, but how much power tax deduction in the industry has in the development remains hard to determine.

One of the fastest growing industrial sectors in Sweden today is the development of cleaning companies. The large increase took off years before the tax reform came in 2007, according to Statistics Sweden (SCB). Since then the number people employed in the cleaning sector in Sweden has increased by 24 percent. Viewed over the whole of 2000s, employment in the sector grew by 20 percent.

Women who were not born in Sweden accounted for nearly 40 percent of the 950 new companies established in the cleaning industry in 2010.  Of the men and women who worked in the cleaning industry 48 percent are foreign born.

Most of those who purchase cleaning services live in the country's metropolitan areas. Danderyd, Lidingö, Lomma, Vellinge Täby have the highest percentage of people who used the tax reduction services in their domestic works, according to statistic Sweden.
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