More Finns take a long term view of Nokia and hold their shares in the company despite all the noises


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Wednesday, 08 June 2011
The Finnish mobile giant is very close to the Finnish people’s heart. This is why many Finns still struggle to seek ways of keeping their darling company afloat.

While the market may be feeling sceptical about what the company is doing and despite problems being experiences by mobile phone giant the company's shares still interest many Finnish investors.


So far this year, the number of Finns who own Nokia shares has risen noticeably to over 200,000, according to reports from various Finnish media sources. Even though Nokia's difficulties have worsened this year, and its share price has plummeted, Finnish investors have not seemed to care very much.

"It could be said that those who have purchased Nokia have made a bad buy. But these investors are not taking such a short-term view. Investors are already looking at what will happen next year and after that. In the long term, Nokia may be a good buy,” said Timo Rothovius, president of the shareholders association, Osakes��st�jien Keskusliitto to the Finnish broadcaster Yle.

According to the analysis, the company in Finland with the largest Finnish private house hold share ownership is telecom company Elisa, and then followed by Nokia.
However, the number of individual Finns who own Nokia shares has not changed very much since May.
"I Think that mainly says that those who in general intended to buy Nokia have already made their purchases," said Rothovius.

Over the past few years, foreign ownership in Nokia has declined. Even so, non-Finnish investors still own over 80 percent of the mobile phone giant.
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