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Mobile broadband boom continues in Sweden – a strong area for expansion

Tuesday, 29 May 2012
The number of mobile broadband subscriptions in Sweden grew by 2 million in 2011.
During the second half of last year, one million broadband subscriptions for smart phones was carried out according to the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency in its annual report on the Swedish telecommunications market.

By the end of the year there were over 5.1 million broadband subscribers, representing an increase of 66 percent in one year.

Mobile operators' total revenues for electronic communications remained at Skr52.7 billion, an increase of 1 percent compared to 2010. The increase is due entirely to the growth of mobile calls and data services.

"Demand for smartphones with broadband is increasing rapidly, which requires good mobile broadband network. Survey also shows that the heavy investments in mobile networks that have occurred in recent years now generate more revenue for operators," writes Goran Marby, of Swedish PTS in a press release.
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