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Lumia 900 up for pre - order in Finland as Nokia struggle

Wednesday, 25 April 2012
On the day Apple announced a bone crushing growth, pioneer and Finnish beleaguered mobile phone maker, Nokia says it will begin taking Finnish orders for its latest Lumia phones midnight Tuesday

Reports in Finland suggest that the company however, has not disclosed the price of the Windows-based Lumia models to be sold in Finland.

The Lumia 900 and 610 will hit Finnish retailers in May. Nokia says the Lumia 900 is optimised for social networking and surfing online while the 610 is targeted at youth.
The Lumia 900 launched in the United States over the Easter holiday weekend to lukewarm reviews.

It should be recalled that the rivals such as Apple Inc's quarterly profit almost doubled after a jump in iPhone sales, particularly for the greater China region, blowing past Wall Street expectations and soothing fears the device was past its best days for sharp growth, according to Rueters.
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