Advances in military hardware technology – Invisible tanks in development


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Sunday, 11 September 2011
China may be pilling up huge military hardware with technology we already know but the western countries are moving on with new and sophisticated technology. How? A Swedish-British company has developed a technology that can make tanks invisible or make them look like a car.

It is the firm BAE Systems based in �rnsk�ldsvik, Sweden which has developed technology that have been tested under field conditions during summer. According to a press release from the company, the technology will be presented at an international defense exhibition later this month.

The technology is based on the tank being covered with a layer of hexagonal "pixels" that can change temperature very quickly. Cameras aboard the tank shoot the surrounding terrain and "Mirrors" from the objects are placed behind the tank so that they appear on the side of the vehicle.

What is shown is the heat signature of the objects, has so far made the technology to be called adaptive - only in the infrared part of the spectrum, but BAE Systems expects to develop it to work also on the visible part.

This can even get a tank in motion to match the surroundings, the company writes on its website.
The rapid chameleon technology can also be used to get the tank to look like another vehicle.
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