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Indians are interested in Saab automobile
Friday, 30 December 2011
The existence of Chinese interest is ailing Saab automobile is well known and even that of the Turks, but now it has emerged that an Indian vehicle manufacturer is interested in buying part or all of Saab Automobile's bankruptcy estate.

That's according to Swedish Radio – the western Swedish frequency which reported last night that one of India's largest vehicle manufacturers have shown interest and also are willing to have production continue in Trollhättan.


The Indian company is represented in Sweden by Lars Carlstrom, who was formerly representing the Swedish financier, Vladimir Antonov. The same Antonov is now suspected, along with a business partner, to have looted his own bank,  Krajabanka  and  Snoras banks stealing billions.

Radio Sweden also reports that there was supposed to be a meeting between the Indian vehicle manufacturer and the administrator dealing with the bankruptcy, Hans Bergqvist, on Thursday night but that the meeting was cancelled.

According to Lars Carlstrom there is no justification for the meeting to be cancelled, but suggests to radio Sweden that that it may have to do with his "conduct with reference to questions surrounding Saab or other issues."

“It is with great dismay for that for some reason, maybe on my action on Saab question or other links, risks a major player who is able to acquire and secure a future (of Saab) in Trollhattan,” he says to SR West.
By Scancomark.se Team

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