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So many pharmacies have been opened in since 2009 in different regions
Region Number of new pharmacy 2009-2011 Number of Pharmacy 2011 Increase in percentage
Blekinge 5 17 42
Dalarna 6 41 17
Gotland 1 8 14
Gavlebourg 8 42 24
Halland 11 40 38
Jamtland 1 24 4
Jönköping 9 45 25
Kalmar 4 33 14
Kronoberg 9 30 43
Norrbotten 4 41 11
Region Skåne 43 146 42
Stockholm 85 244 53
Södermanland 7 31 29
Uppsala 13 41 46
Värmland 7 41 21
Västerbotten 4 45 10
Västernorrland 8 41 24
Västmanland 11 36 44
Region Västra Götaland 53 195 37
Orebro 9 39 30
Östergötland 15 62 32
Total 313 1242 34

Source: Swedish Pharmacy Association

Swedish pharmaceutical market getting tougher as pharmacies stretch hard to compete for customers

Friday, 23 March 2012
Two years ago due to intense pressure from the EU, the Swedish government allowed the operation of private pharmacies in Sweden, refracting from the domination of the Sate owned Apotek. 

The first private pharmacies became common phenomenon in Sweden thereafter and there was intense hope that the market was good since it had been tapped only by one dominant player before. But things have not been as easy as early analysts and investors had thought. Although the number of pharmacies increased by one third, it turns out that the market is getting tougher as the pharmacies are not seeing the flood of customers they had though will come in. They are working harder to attract customer – something some government officials are happy about.

Social Affairs Minister, Göran Hägglund is satisfied with the reform, but is now looking at ways to increase availability.

“This has gone extremely well. More pharmacies and longer opening hours will make it easier for us as individuals to get the drugs we want, and it is something we all welcome”, says Göran Hägglund (Christian Democrats)

Some 313 more pharmacies have been established since deregulation, an increase of 34 percent. The opening hours have increased from 40 hours a week to 53 hours a week, according to a report from the Swedish Pharmacy Association.
But according to the managing director of that organisation,  Johan Wallér, competition in the pharmacy market has more and more been fierce and he does not believe that many more stores will be open this year.
“I believe that growth will be cancelled and that we will have fewer pharmacy operators,” he says.

During the fall, the first pharmacy for this year went out of business in Sweden and several pharmacies already been closed.
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