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Impressive initial sales on Nokia N9 could bring back life into the some what weaken giant
Thursday, 13 October 2011
Initial sales reports regarding Nokia's new smart phone N9 is positive. At least during the launch days, the phone seems to have sold well. But fears of price pressures with impressive cheaper competitors could be a reminder to Nokia that the market is changing from its hay days. 

N9 is Nokia's first and probably last phone that is powered by the operating system MeeGo. Recently, Nokia also announced that the phone will be launched in several major markets.
The N9 now on sale, which is just a few weeks before Nokia is expected to present its first Windows phone,  has also seen analyst raise their eyebrows especially on the  pricing. On the whole, the phone was for the first time properly received in a generally sense.

So the question being raised is about any idea if there will be more developments in the pipline for MeeGo-platform. With the sale of N9 making a good start, there could be some considerations.

Some officials in Nokia point out that it is always a personal question about how many programs one need. “In my hands the program works well. I have the phone in use and I am satisfied with it,” said Pasi Vanninen of Nokia

He do not believe that the high price between, €600 to €700 is too high and would scare customers away, given that there are still great products out there and are relatively cheaper.
“We have seen that people are becoming increasingly interested in phones in that price range. Such phones have become a device that is also used for purposes other than phone calls and text messages,” he says.

Also Verkkokauppa.com has sold a large amounts of N9 phones. According to the Purchasing Manager, Vesa Järveläinen, it seems the issue of MeeGo’s future has not have an effect on the sales. He sees also no need to wait for Nokia's Windows phones.

“It is still unclear when Windows phones will be available in stores. Always to be expected, but N9 phones are also very good phone,” he says.
By Scancomark.se Team

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