Ikea Founder, Ingvar Kamprad was deeper a Nazi than previously thought. Swedish secret police had to monitor him for fear of his radicalism.


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Tuesday, 23 August 2011
It is an open secret that Ingvar Kamprad had a past as a Nazi sympathizer. But that the Swedish security police set up a separate file on him as a Nazi activist is a new news. It also show how deep and radical one the world’s richest men were deeply involved in racial and xenophobic believes. 

A Swedish television journalist, Elisabeth �sbrink in her new book uncovered additional facts about Kamprad's Nazi connections the Nazys which had never bee exposed before. It's a bit strange that Ingvar Kamprad who had talked about his Nazi connection in the past did not lay the matter to rest by coming out with this information before.

According to the book, a young Otto Ullmann from Vienna came to Sweden with a transport of Jewish children whom he needed them to be shaded - from the Nazis with supports from the Swedish Church. One condition was though that they were baptized and that they came without their parents.

Otto eventually came to live at the family Kamprad's large farm in Elmtaryd, where he became involved in farming support and soon friends with the son of the house - Ingvar Kamprad. Komprad was an active Nazi-sympathizing with the Modern Swedish movement and for a time also highly active in the purely Nazi Swedish Socialist also known as the SSS.


The new facts that have emerged, in which Elisabeth �sbrink uncovers which was previously unknown is the extent to which Kamprad's Nazi connections was deep. This has to do with relationship Kamprad established with the leader of the new Swedes Socialist, Per Engdahl.

Per was an ardent Nazi sympathiser who adored the Furer Adolf Hitler.  In an article in his paper “The Way Forward” Engdahl wrote that "The Jews are an alien element in the Western public body ..." and that "... an anti-communist movement can never reach its goal if it is not being anti-Semitic". And in 1944 he wrote in a Journal that "We can now only pay tribute to Adolf Hitler as the God-sent to Europe's rescue.”

Kamprad relationship with this man therefore not just a temporary teenage confusion during the Nazi victory, but this deep relationship continued long after World War II and even after Hitler's defeat, when the world was full of transparency and sort, of cleanse of the Holocaust and evil.

One of the Jewish refugee Otto Ullmann brought in, become a very close friends and collaborators of his who helped him to build the global company Ikea, he has today.
But to this day Kamprad still call Per Engdahl as a "great man".

Elisabeth �sbrink also tell of that the Swedish special security police, SAPO's predecessor the General Security Service back in 1943 established a special file on Ingvar Kamprad in which his Nazis activates where being monitored and recorded. In the file which was exposed, it shows that he took up active membership in the Nazi movement, Swedish Socialist Coalition and how he recruits new members.

According to his own statement in the letter - which the police had in file, he devotes much time and energy to this work. Personally, Ingvar Kamprad, ever since his former Nazi sympathies became publicly known in the 1990s, he described it as a short youthful indulgence that did not go particularly deep, but this new information gives a slightly different picture.
Although Engdahl at least after the war distanced themselves from the Holocaust extermination policies, he remained opposed to democracy and praised the fascist idea of the strong leader.
Engdahl was also active in efforts to assist Danish and Norwegian Nazis escape justice after the war, and was a central figure to link extreme-right movements in Europe in the postwar period.
But for Ingvar Kamprad, he remains a great man. In an interview with Elisabeth �sbrink in August 2010 he said,
“Per Engdahl was a great man, that, I will maintain as long as I live.”
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