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How very few Swedish municipalities are getting value for money from EU lobbyists West of Sweden
Thursday, 29 December 2011
West of Sweden organisation is a towering name in Swedish business circles which present itself as a solution of local government that want to gain from the EU resources that lying there unused. Therefore, if communes want to tap in that EU money they can comfortable count on West of Sweden organisation to lobby for them.

This has been going on for a while, that several years, then the question now have emerged: “how many communes have gained from the works of West of Sweden’s wonderful works?” Ney!

Only about a third of the 69 western Swedish municipalities which has worked with the organisation, West of Sweden has benefited from EU funding through the company.

West of Sweden works particularly with lobbying in the education area about the EU, and it is supposed to help the West Swedish municipalities to receive EU money to fund various projects.

It is there fore concretely not known how many municipalities working with EU projects and funding that has gained help through the West of Sweden organisation.

When radio Sweden examines West of Sweden’s projects over the last decade, the picture becomes clear. About 70 percent of the municipalities have not received a single European cent via the company during the past decade.

West of Sweden also describes their operations as a success story and says it helped the West Swedish municipalities to get at least half a billion in EU funds - during the last ten years.

But when radio Sweden looked at the link and relationships, there where no direct correlation between the success of municipalities in getting EU funding on their projects and the work of the organisation West of Sweden.

The figure - half a billion - is about the total EU budget, in projects where western Swedish municipalities have been included. But the budget will be shared with other cities around Europe. Only some will go to West Sweden reports radio Sweden.

The importance of how to present the figures becomes even clearer when radio Sweden examines the last three years of project activities. According to West of Sweden, it is about around Skr220 million that has come to the region from the EU thanks to their lobbying activities. But radio station’s audit shows that only about Skr25 million come in through West of Sweden. Thus, about one-tenth and the rest of the money has gone to other European cities.

Why is West of Sweden not being straight with their failure, remain unclear and this challenges such a company which supposed to be operating in full transparency to also report where they failed.
By Scancomark.se Team

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