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How the Danish fat tax became a boon for the Danish retailers
Sunday, 30 October 2011
Grocery Stores in Denmark raised the prices of butter, cheese and other goods more than the new fat tax allowed for. It shows a price check that the newspapers Söndagsavisen carried out.

According to reports in various Swedish and Danish media outlets, consumer organisations cry out that such price hikes are forbidden. But the shops  point out that it’s will take some time for the prices to stabilise given that it is really not clear what the level of price increased supposed to be.

At Aldi stores, the prices were up in nine out of ten goods which have high fat content –more than tied to the requirements. Even Kvik and Lidl have also raised prices on certain goods that meet that category.

It has not been possible for the whistle blowing Sunday newspaper to get a comment from Aldi, which is the chain that has set the price up most. The newspaper, along with Treasury figured determined what the prices should be, if the tax on saturated fat was counted accurately into prices.

The calculations show that the supermarket is charging 12.7 percent more for butter and 17 percent more for cheese than the fat tax required.

At Lidl is the price of sour cream that rose 15.1 percent more than it should. "On selected items, there has been an error, but it is difficult to regulate hundreds of items at once. Normally it will take a few months before prices have found their right places, "says CEO of Lidl Finn Tang.

Lidl has subsequently put down the price of sour cream. But the explanation from Lidl gives Consumer Council's headache and is still unimpressed.

 "Consumers should not relate to supermarkets fanciful explanations. They need to look at prices in the spot and choose the shop where they can get it cheaper," says Vagn Jelsøe. The study also shows the supermarkets especially have put up the price of cheese.
By Scancomark.se Team

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