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High confidence in Swedish Public Services and Ikea

Thursday, 08 March 2012
Which aspect of the Swedish society do Swedes trust most? The answer to this question is what the Swedes do regularly in which various polling organisation habitually question them on which organization they throw their trust in most.

It turns out that Swedes trust their Public Service and Ikea most according to latest survey. Organisations that Swedes trust least are the far right political party, Sweden Democrats, Saab and the tabloid newspaper, Aftonbladet.

The survey carried out by MediaAcadmin (Media Academy) in its annual trust barometer, where about 1,000 Swedes via an online survey answered questions about the business, media, and government organisation which they enjoys the greatest confidence.

The overall confidence in specific organisations placed radio Sweden on the top and, followed by the Swedish mega furniture company, Ikea.
On the whole, 76 percent of Swedes had confidence on Radio Sweden, 74 percent for Swedish Television, and 64 percent of Ikea.

Historically, the furniture giant has had great confidence among the Swedes. Yet their confidence in Ikea has fallen slightly over the past two years. According to political scientist Sören Holmberg, it can be explained by the critical media reporting on Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad.

The survey also shows that Swedish television channels, TV4 and TV3 dropped in confidence and that about half of Swedes trust Google and Wikipedia. Confidence in Aftonbladet fell right down, on the other hand at the bottom of the perception poll with reference of the media.

The Swedish tax authority is the body which is shown to have some of the best confidence among Swedes. For other organisations such as the National Insurance board and the employment agency has show that they are not at least popular among Swedish people. Only 18 and 14 percent of Swedes said they had confidence in these authorities.

Confidence in the Social Insurance Agency has declined after the tightening of disability guidelines came into force. Analysts feel that the numbers relating to the national Insurance board in not looking good.

The companies with the worst confidence was energy giant Vaterfall, railway company, SJ, and Saab. For Saab, the question was about the Saab brand on the whole but the feeling and responds danced around the now bankrupt automaker which saw the confidence in the brand as a whole falling.

The occupational group with the lowest confidence are journalists. Only 24 percent confidence is given to them. Nurses were given the topmost 84 percent, followed by doctors and researchers.

3 percent of respondents said that they had great or very great confidence in the government. For the parliament the figure was 48 percent.
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