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Giant bank, SEB in insider fraud probe as some staff got entangled in million theft
Tuesday, 18 October 2011
Four people were charged on Monday for involvement in fraud against SEB's customers. In the whole it is reported that they tried to help themselves to more than Skr138 million from various SEB's customers, according to a lawsuit.

"This is a very serious crimes which have a high penalty, "said prosecutors to the Swedish business daily Dagens Industi.

Some four people are suspected of involvement in a fraud move which exploded last year. One of them, a 41-year-old man, who is still remanded in custody is said to be the leader. Prosecutors believes that the evidence against his is strong on Monday filed a lawsuit to the Stockholm District Court.

"They have not categorically denied the crime but they have made some concessions, "he said.
The first raid against SEB’s customers’ accounts happened when one of the suspects was working at the time and it took place on the 21st of June last year. Two of the bank's customers were hit direct. The alleged perpetrators used false customer ID documents and collected over Skr1,795,000. The offense is classified as serious fraud.

Two weeks later they hit another two SEB clients, as the fraudsters helped themselves yet with some Skr885,000. Then it followed a further series of frauds and scams in the summer.

In the fall, the activities in creased as on 14 October, the now arrested 41-year-old and former SEB worker of 28-year-old tried on a major coup against eleven of SEB's private banking clients.
According to the lawsuit, the fraudsters sought to transfer a total of Skr62 million to various companies. According to the criminal plan, the money would then be transferred to a number of private accounts of so-called goalkeepers, according to the lawsuit. The however failed.

"It's a long series of crimes and I think the proof mode is strong, "says Prosecutor Tore Widetjärn.

The day after the failed coup attempt on 15 October, the two swindlers hit again. This time they manage to transfer a total of Skr52.88 million from twelve of the SEB's private banking clients. The money is passed on to a range of companies and goalkeepers.

According to previous reports in the newspaper Expressen, H & M's owner Stefan Persson was identified as one of the victims. The prosecutor, however, neither confirms nor denies the information.
"I do not want to go into the account holders’ names,” he said.

In the spring of 2011 activities of the scammers increased up further. Then, 41-year-old was trying to extort SEB's security manager at least Skr10 million. At a meeting, the 41-year-old was reported as saying that he had access to the account information and other sensitive information belonging to several of the bank's wealthy customers.

The 41-year-old according to the lawsuit have threatened to sell the information to organized crime and warned of abductions.
"I will press for a very long prison sentence for 41-year-old,” said the prosecutor.
In addition to fraud against SEB, it is suspected that the fraudsters were also involved in a number of other crimes – namely extortion, assault and sexual molestation, just to name a few. The arrested 41-year-old’s lawyer, Kerstin Koorti, said however, that proof mode against her client is thin.
"He may have been guilty of some minor things, but nothing major. He has admitted assault, "she said t Dagens Nyheter.
The trial begins on 26 October. A ruling is expected before Christmas.
By Scancomark.se Team

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