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Food retailer leads the drive for anti tobacco display in Swedish supermarkets
Friday, 30 December 2011
As the swedish government seems to be napping, CEO of Swedish food retail group, Axfood, Anders Strålman has joined four members of parliament and an anti-tobacco activist to write an op-ed in which he called in relations to public health requirements, the need for legislation against tobacco exposure in stores, just as it is being done in Norway, Finland, Iceland, Ireland and being proposed in the UK.

"Actually, do not fit tobacco together with food sales at all. The easiest might be to ban the sale in supermarkets, "writes Strålman among others.

Axfood is not saying that it want to remove tobacco from the shelves. Instead, it is interested in calling for a legislation which would make it illegal or some sort to displaying tobacco where food is sold. In short Axfood was that tobacco be hidden out of view from shops where food is sold.

Yesterday we reported that the Danish authorities have considered imposing on shops to ban the exposure of cigarette in open gaze so as to reduce the temptation of young people from wanting to make a puff. The belief is that when young people who are novice smokers don’t see cigarettes displayed on the shelves, they don’t think about it as such would not ask for it. But when it is fully displayed, the reverse is true.

In Norway where tobacco is now hidden, smoking especially among young people had fallen like nothing before although this could also have been driven by the astronomical cost of cigarettes in the country.
By Scancomark.se Team

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