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Few women in Sweden received the top wages unlike men

Thursday, 22 September 2011
Women have gained ground in the Swedish glass ceiling workplace are which we can say progress in here but it's the men who earn the most. Among the ten highest paid directors-general in Swedish leading companies, only three women touch the big ones.

The coming to power of the conservative bourgeoisie government in Sweden took office in 2006, there was high ambitions to enact polices that would see appointment that surpass gender and that the glass ceiling would not longer be there for the ladies.

One of the areas singled out was that more women would receive government top jobs.
In a sense, the government has undoubtedly succeeded. 2006 there were only 38 of 114 directors-general in Swedish top corporations (mostly government ones) that were women

Today that number is 49 of 108 regular Directors General who are women.
But salary wise things are different. The men earn Skr2,043 more per month today. Five years ago, the gap of about Skr1000.

Among the ten highest paid directors-general there are only three women, one of whom will retire at year end. Of the 30 directors-general who earns Skr100,000 or more a month is eleven women.

“It has to do with that fact that we had too few women on these kinds of positions before, it takes time,” says Minister Stephen Attefall.
He believes that only within a few years, the distribution at the top would be better. The fact that more women today are agency heads will be a recruiting base to be better.

According to the minister, those who are the directors of the largest authorities have often been the head of another agency. One seldom goes into the top job immediately. Now we see the building up a group of women who may be of interest to be recruited into the larger authorities. Therefore he believe that things are going into the right direction even if its not as fast as would have been expected.
By Scancomark.se Team

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