Fears that the Danish biotech sector is gradually disappearing


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Monday, 11 July 2011
The Danish biotech sector had been identified as the new wind industry and one of the areas in which Denmark will rely on growth in the future. But right now it does not feel as if that reality is being made possible.

According to the Martin Bonde, CEO of biotech company Epi Thera Pjutics and board member of the Danish Biotech, the sector is not picking up as thought and it looks like it is reversing. A combination of factors – mostly economic and political are according to him, blames on this phenomenon.

“It's extraordinarily difficult to get money to start up such businesses,” says Martin Bonde.
Biotech Companies are engaged in the development of new drugs - it is an area with enormous potential but also littered with high risk and slow returns. But when a break through comes, returns are usually very big.

“If no funds flow into the area, continue investment in the sector grounds. Including the State with no money, so it's hard to see how it will hang together on a longer runway,” says Martin Bonde.

With no money, political effects, a tax regime that will ensure that research-intensive companies can receive the tax value of their deficit is not good enough, according to Martin Bonde.

With no proper political plan for how to revive the sector and a very weak tax policy “We risk losing Danish biotech on the floor unless we are willing to invest where there really is need,” says Martin Bonde
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