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Fake bills a growing problem in the Swedish micro economy

Monday, 28 May 2012
A very serious problem affecting operators of the Swedish micro system is the persistent harassment by criminals issuing fake bills to people. The fact that there is a small risk of getting caught and low penalties for these fraudsters the crime is getting more serious and the fraudsters are changing location to avoid being detected.

People who previously made money from drug trafficking and other serious offenses are changing course to lure businesses out of money, rather than, for example by issuing them with fake bills.

A few days ago,  a person was sentenced to a year and a half years in prison and fines for having defrauded a large number of Swedish companies out of money by sending out fake bills that was estimated to have pulled in over Skr23 million last year. But where the money in this case has finally gone to remains unknown to the tax authority.

But authorities say that these scammers calculate risks as any other business whatsoever. They take it that in on the scales weight and plan for being caught such that they try and tighten all loop holes that can expose them. This has made it extremely hard to catch them and if they are caught they know that there will be incredibly low penalty to counter that they can earn which are incredible amounts of money.

Most of the money earned here is secured in most cases in other countries, and that helped them to relax to receive the money after serving prison terms. 
“They are sent to the exchange in the Baltic States, Thailand, Australia and so on. There is a receiver who gathers it and carefully secures them. The money is collected by the right people but is missing from the system. For an investigating police officer it has been extremely difficult to find them.

According to police, the fake bill scam is a growing problem, and as prosecutors “we've talked it at low priority. That combination of low penalties and a lot of money means that hardened criminals are taking the chance to make quick money,” said police.
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