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Ericsson's phone production ceases after 130 years
Wednesday, 11 January 2012
When the big electronics show in Las Vegas was inaugurated yesterday, one major body missing for the first time in such a forum was the famous Swedish Ericsson’s logo. This signalled the end of an epoch of a Swedish industrial giant that contributed to the current telecom revolution sweeping the world right now.

The world's major companies in the industry are in Las Vegas in the U.S. and most of them are recognizable, but it is also the signal of an epoch in Swedish industrial history in which one of its greatest was laid to rest.

As the large electronics exhibition will inaugurate Japanese Sony, which is launching a series of new smart phones to replace the old famous brand: Xperia, this time, the phone is launched without the Swedish Ericsson’s logo attached to it.

This means that Ericsson for the first time in 134 years is not standing with the other a telephone manufacturing.

1878 was the year the first Ericsson phone was launched and it quickly became a symbol of the emerging Industrial Sweden, and later, in the fifties, in what became the welfare state, became a symbol of modernity.

Ericsson phones and state Telecommunications Authority monopoly laid the foundation for the success and spread the brand Made in Sweden over the world:
Then came the mobile phones, and Stockholm became the mobile City of the World according to an American magazine. U.S. companies from Silicon Valley flocked to Mobile city in Stockholm to see and learn.

Now everything is over. Sony and Ericsson went their separate ways in October last year. What is left now is a large research and development department with 3000 employees, mostly in Lund, southern Sweden.
By scancomark.se Team

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