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Ericsson accused of supply the Syria regime with spy tools on its citizens
Thursday, 24 November 2011
Swedish Ericsson to provide Syria with technology that makes it possible for the regime to follow and monitor everything that the opposition do via mobile phones.

This is the stance taken by Swedish television in its recent news review. It holds that although the regime has faced rebellion with excessive force against civilians - 4000 dead so far - Ericsson is reported to keep its offices open Syria.


Ericsson is one of the suppliers of Syria's mobile phone system. And the company's so-called Rano system (Radio Access Network Operational Support) allows tracking of every mobile phone.

It allows authorities to point mark in just about every citizen and to produce data on things such as their subscription of those who might be at a certain place where a demonstration took place according to Swedish television.
Many activists have been located and attacked and several of them have been tortured to death. It is suspected that the technology supplied by Ericsson played a leading supporting role.
But Ericsson's press secretary, Fredrik Hallstan, says that the company is not responsible for their equipment being misused, the company complies with the laws and penalties relating to Syria.

Jaber Zain is in daily contact with the opposition movement in Syria. He thinks that Ericsson's behaviour is disastrous.
“European and Swedish companies must have high morals and ethics. That they are still in Syria and have offices that are still operational is pure shame. You can not hide behind that one has no responsibility. They know very well what their systems can do and what they are used for.
By Scancomark.se Team

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