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Doom and gloom faces Nokia workers as more job cuts rock the company once more

Thursday, 29 September 2011
Workers at Nokia's plant in Salo, Finland say they fear the mobile phone giant will soon deliver more bad news. Well, todays bad news was not only directed to them but to Nokia workers all over the place.

Yesterday, Salo unit employees from different departments were informed of a meeting with a secret agenda, according to shop stewards, to be held today according to report from Finnish news agency ,Yle.

The meeting went ahead as held at 10am on Thursday in a conference room equipped to accommodate one thousand people. There they were made to understand how Nokia would carry out the drastic job cuts accross the board of its operations and businesses.

On the whole, the plant in Cluj, Romania is to be closed by the end of this year, while the fates of those in Hungary, Mexico and Salo, Finland hang in the balance.

The company is making 300 people redundant in Finland, including some in Tampere. The company is also reconsidering the role of the Salo plant. It is to become a specialised unit for product customising, designing smartphone software and marketing.

The roles of facilities in Komárom, Hungary and Reynosa, Mexico are also being re-evaluated. These changes are expected to result in job losses next year.

Nokia plans to reduce staff in units including Location & Commerce, which was set up in June. Nokia estimates that some 1,300 people will be let go from its units internationally.

Operations in Bonn, Germany and Malvern, USA will be shut down.
The mobile phone giant will also continue redundancy talks that it began last April in its sales, marketing and support services.
Employees in Salo and Espoo were called in for a meeting on Thursday morning. The agenda of the meeting was not disclosed in advance. Nokia previously announced plans to shed 1,400 jobs in Finland by the end of next year.

Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop said that the cuts are uncomfortable but necessary. “We are on track to achieve our strategies and these changes will make us faster, more efficient and more dynamic when it comes to meeting market challenges,” said Elop.
By Scancomark.se Team

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