Difficult for Volvocars to recruit engineers despite abundance of engineers lurking in the shadows on an uncertain Saab


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Thursday, 25 August 2011
Volvo's quest to expand its engineer’s base through a strong recruitment is slow despite the fact that there are lots of engineers idle in a Saab automobile company that does not look to start product in the nearest future. Loyalty is the key in Saab but why?

Volvo cars Corporation need some 1,000 engineers, but there will be a short fall of about 600 by the end of the year. According to the Swedish business daily, Dagens industri, engineers from an uncertain Saab are not moving in their drove to Volvo cars for some career stability. One wonders why the Saab workers are so loyal despite the huge uncertain cloud hanging over the company’s head.  We have not been able to get an answer.

Last spring, Volvocar corp., announced that the company needs to recruit 1,000 engineers. To date, only 200 are employed.
"We have another 200 being processed. It has been difficult to find engineers in Sweden, so we have appealed to southern parts of Europe, "said Olle Axelsson, communications director at Volvo Cars, to the paper.


The housing situation in Gothenburg is also a deterrent and helps to complicate the recruitment drive, according to Olle Axelsson. It is hard to get rental apartment in this town and no engineer will have the hundreds of thousands or millions of Krona to buy an apartment in this place only to work for Volvo cars. Therefore even if engineers are found, the question is “how do you house them?”

Next, competition for engineers has increased with engineering firms such as SKF, ABB, Eon, Vattenfall and retailers such as domestic alliance providers, utility companies and small scale retailers struggling to fill engineering places. Some even become self employed rather than working for some one.

But one thing stands out, a rush of engineers to Volvo Cars from Saab Automobile has not happened, despite the liquidity crisis and loss of wages at Saab.
"There are no huge amounts of engineers that are being found to want to go here now. Saab workers are loyal, despite their major problems. But some are moving into different positions, "said Olle Axelsson.
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