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Despite Geely’s refusal, Saab confirms their interest from Saab

Friday, 07 October 2011
Saab is still clinging on hopes that Youngman will send the Skr640 million agreed upon to support the ongoing re-organisation of the company.
Already critics and analysts have lost confidence in the deal given that the delay has persisted and ho proper explanation is coming for either Youngman. According to Saab however, the money has been delayed for weeks because of hiccups in the process.

As reports Thursdayheld that Volvo owners demonstrated an increased interest in Saab automobile and which was later rejected by Geely, that they did not have interest in Saab, Swedish press has continued to justify their claims of the assertion.

Eric Geers, Press Secretary of Saab, confirms that Geely is one of several companies that have expressed interest in Saab.
“But we have many who are interested in the company. Now we have a binding agreement with Youngman and also Pang Da and for the time being this is what the case is,” he says.

At Saab, it is expected that the Chinese vehicle manufacturer, Youngman will defer to the payment of an advance Skr640 million. The promise which was given in connection with the decision that Saab be given a second chance in a reconstruction.

Other people with very good insight into the crisis-hit Trollhättan company, say that company is however far more reluctant to Youngman. Sources according to Swedish press reports hold that the delay in the promised payment creates de facto sign that the Chinese prefer to leap out of the deal than continue.

Officials say that if Youngman is serious one should understand such importance with money coming in quickly. Now it is extremely doubtful if Saab can do expect anything from that sector. The next few weeks are there seemed to be crucial, according to sources.
By Scancomark.se Team

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