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Danish rail way company, DSB to mass layoffs under the weight of DSBFirst debacle 

Tuesday, 20 September 2011
Danish rail company, DSB is said to be on its way to carry out mass layoff of its workers.  This was stated by chairman of the Danish railway federal Ulrik Salmonsen to Danish Radio News.
“I can confirm that hundreds of employees are at risk of a dismissal notice,” says Ulrik Salomonsen.

DSB will neither confirm nor deny that layoffs are coming. DBS Chairman Peter Schütze, says that external consultants in cooperation with the Finance and Transport Ministry has reviewed the DSB to make suggestions in areas where improvements could be taken so as to streamline operations.

“There is no decision yet and I will neither confirm nor deny that employees will be sacked as part of correcting the company’s economy,” says the chairman of the DSB Board, Peter Schütze

Ulrik Salmonsen estimates that, perhaps, up to 1000 employees can receive a dismissal notice. These are somewhere between 234 and 544 locomotive drivers and between 70 and 500 train drivers and station officers.

He believes that the firing is as a result of the shortfall of around Dkr800 million after the scandal with DSBFirst.

According Ulrik Salmonsen sackings the of workers will mean that the DSB should restructure its operations and commuters are likely to suffer

Danish railway federation will be meeting in Sønderborg, where the situation will be discussed with colleagues from Sweden, Norway and Finland.  It is believed that the situation is extremely precarious.

According to the rail company insider, management has stressed that nothing is sacred and that everything is on the table.
By Scancomark.se Team

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