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Danish Minister to make public list international Corporations that pay taxes in Denmark - McDonald back the idea
Sunday, 30 October 2011
Danish Taxation minister, Thor Möger will henceforth publish them names of multinational corporations that carry out tax payments in Denmark on the tax ministry's website. The aim is to shame those that don’t and show those that contribute in the country financial development.

“It's a good idea,” says McDonald Denmark.  Corporations are often criticized for failing to pay taxes at home, but we have actually done it for five years. As such McDonalds Denmark welcomes the initiative welcome, because we already have full transparency in our tax payments,” says company communications director, Sara Helweg-Larsen.


People consume lots of burgers, each day, far above the expectation, providing good income for the world's largest restaurant chain. But the question being asked is whether the Danish treasury benefit from this business.
Alene, the parent company of McDonalds Denmark, which operates eight restaurants, paid Dkr20 million in taxes last year. In total there are 83 McDonalds restaurants in Denmark.

The tax minister’s new list will clearly show what each company pays in taxes, and the hope is that McDonalds can help clear misunderstandings.
“It may be a good way to show the facts in the stories and myths that are on various corporate tax issues,” says Sara Helweg-Larsen.
By Scancomark.se Team

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