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Confederation of Swedish enterprise believe that the government lack the strategy to confront globalization

Monday, 16 April 2012
An official of the confederation of Swedish industries has accused the Swedish government of lacking economic agenda for reform. A leading official of the organisation, Urban Bäckström want to see that the government grasps the challenges of globalization.

According to Mr Urban, "The government handled the international debt crisis well but lacks clear leadership and a reform program to improve our ability to create a world class business."

"The government ought to come out with the autumn budget to take out such a major reform program that ensures that we can continue to have world-class companies that grows and develops their activities in Sweden," he writes in a commentary.

In the short term one has to deal with labour market matching:
"We saw in our recent recruitment survey the continued problems with the mismatch in the labour market - despite high unemployment, companies have difficulty recruiting," writes Backstrom.

The Swedish economy is currently affected by two forces, according to Bäckström. First, the international debt crisis but also an increasingly globalized world with tough international competition in most industries.

He adds that globalization is perhaps the greatest transformation of the world economy ever and it will require a comprehensive reform program for Sweden to be ready and able to take advantage of the strong international competition in the future.

He suggests that not everything can be done immediately, but to have a comprehensive and long-term program is something that is urgent. Thereafter, the implementation as soon as possible, as the fiscal constraints permit.

Urban Backstrom also want a reform of the Employment Service which means that more players will compete to be the best at communicating jobs to people who are inactive.

“There are examples in other countries, such as in Australia, the government ought to study,” he said.
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