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Brightwell hopeful to succeed in getting Saab from the claws of GM
Sunday, 22 January 2012
The Turkish consortium interested in the bankrupt Saab foundation, Brightwell Holdings is still showing signs of interest in the company amidst refusal the other day by GM to release the licence of some of the Saab flagship.

They are also showing interest to compete at a very high level against the Chinese Youngman which recently went on the offensive for the auto maker’s assets.

According to the Swedish business daily Dagens Industri, spokesperson of Brightwell Holdings, Zamier Ahmed told them that even though GM persistent refuse to sell the licence for some of the Saab platforms, the can still be convinced.

"We are absolutely still interested. We are preparing a bid for Saab in the near future. We are just waiting for final information regarding the valuation from the administrators, "said Zamier Ahmed, Director and spokesperson for Brightwell Holdings to the paper by telephone from London on Friday.

The somewhat cat and mouse game on Saab ownership quest continues. Chinese Youngman according to recent reports is ready to make a bid for Saab in the next week. This week Youngman went to the offensive and invited the Swedish delegation to China, including representatives from the municipality of Trollhättan, subcontractors and the Worker’s Unions.

Though a Swedish delegation has been to China Zamier Ahmed do you think it suggests that Youngman will gain from the process to be favoured as a buyer of Saab.
"Not necessarily. General Motors, which owns the licenses for many of the current platforms, will not allow any sale to the Chinese. They have made it clear from the beginning and I think that they will continue,” said Ahmed Zamier.

But former owner GM would be able to strip even Brightwell Holding from gaining access to the licence. On Friday, GM refuses to let go of their technology, regardless of the buyer's nationality, according to news from GM.
"We are not in discussions with anyone about Saab and we will not let the license of our technology to a buyer, "said GM spokesman James Cain to the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

According to him, this applied to the Saab 9-5, but also the right to buy the 9-4X. It is not clear if this also applies to 9-3.
Zamier Ahmed has taken note of the statement, but says to Dagens Industri that that he has been in contact with GM and have had other signals.
"We are not talking with the spokesperson of course, but with different people at GM. "

But he would not provide per se what type of information he received and the quality and nature of it. But he adds that he sees see an opening or he is optimistic that there could be an opening to get the licenses for all models.
"We will continue to try to convince GM. But in the end is the owner of the platform and so they’ll do what they want, "he continues.

Brightwell Holdings, which invests in energy, transport and innovative technology, wants to continue to drive the Saab brand and continue production in Trollhättan. But it is unclear to what scale.
They would like to start production immediately. “We do not want to wait for a platform that would require more time, "he says, referring to the Phoenix platform that can be used for new car models, but which must be further developed.

Youngman's plan is to produce the 9-3 model in anticipation of new models, according to both various Swedish media reports. It would not require approval from GM and would thus be a way round the U.S. production line.

But this is something Zamier Ahmed would not accept. "No, we are not as Youngman. We want to make a modern product. If the 9-3 platform, our engineers are now evaluating, is outdated, we do not manufacture a product that is not useful for Saab or its users, "said Ahmed Zamier.
By Scancomark.se Team

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