Boost for Saab automibile as Pang Da places order for more Saab cars


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Wednesday, 01 June 2011
Saab's single most important customer Pang Da's President knows what the Chinese market wants given that his company is the leading seller of cars in China. He seems to have seen something in the Saab cars which others have missed probably after driving some Saab cars when he visited Gothenburg. He is thus placing an order for more Saab cars for the Chinese market.

But Saab’s boss, Victor Muller after having been bitten once, he is a very shy man now and is very cautious about any predicted stability of his company as yet.
“I do not think the storm is over. Until all approvals are completed, we can not sleep. Much work remains to be done, "he said.

Evidence that the Chinese have come and that their money is now powering operation on the Swedish soil could be seen in the frenziness of operations in the factory. Outside the factory gate are two Chinese flags, next to a Swedish flag and Saab’s waving lazily in the bright Swedish sunny sky.


Pang Qinghua, who paid in €30 million in advance for 1300 cars, watched last Friday as the cars came out of the production line. The two directors chatted at the assembly line where on Friday rolled out around 100 cars. On Monday the pace was up in the more normal 220 cars per day.

“The brown colour is nice, "said Pang Qinghua. A few questions from journalists he did not answer but during the press conference he sprinkled praise on Saab Automobile.
“So far I am very impressed, "he said.

Pang Qinghua wrote in the letter of intent to buy Saabs cars for now and then to become part owner of Spyker later on. But things seem to have got detailed now in what is being considered a review of Pang Da’s involvement with Saab.
saabPang Da has ordered another 630 Saab vehicles. The order is worth EUR 15 million, approximately SEK 133 million, and comes after the first sale of 1300 cars for 30 million euros. Pang Da had already talked of a joint venture with Saab and a Chinese car manufacturer to start production of Saab in China. Then, 100,000, 200,000, 300,000 cars was talked about as a dream, Pang Da boss, Pang Qinghua had said.

On Wednesday Saab Automobile announced that Pang Da had placed an order for 630 additional cars. The order is worth 15 million euros, or about Skr133 million, and is part of the deal that Saab Automobile and Pang Da wrote in May 16. Saab receives the money in advance and the cars will begin falling in during the fall.

Pang Das’ boss Pang  Qinghua wrote after is visit to Trollhattan that "This order is a testament to my belief that Saab has the right product portfolio for the Chinese market and to our large network of dealers will be an important asset to realize the brand's potential, "said Pang Qinghua, in a statement.
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