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Bomb threats in Ikea stores - tools of extortion

Wednesday, 21 September 2011
Furniture Company Ikea was a subject to blackmail, according to the company, but has given no details of the blackmail.

This summer's explosion at the European Ikea department store was part of an extortion attempt, according to the furniture giant.

Ikea CIO Camilla Meiby said today that IKEA has received an extortion threat that is related to the last few months of explosions in Ikea stores, including in Holland, France and Germany.

Meiby did not want to reveal more about what the extortion carried or who the suspects are. Europol published last week, images from a surveillance camera at the man suspected of explosive attacks.
“There is an ongoing police investigation now, and we follow the recommendations we receive from the police, which means that we can not give much detail about this,” said Ikea's press contact Ylva Magnusson.

In this she means that there is police cooperation in different departments in several countries in the investigation. It is unclear if all of this summer's explosions have been linked to extortion.
By Scancomark.se Team

Bomb threats to Ikea - Facts

In late May detonated small explosive devices at the Ikea store in Ghent, Belgium, Netherlands Eindhoven and Lille Lomme outside of France. A week later, there was an explosion on the German department store in Dresden.

• Other cases of bombs and bomb threats against Ikea have occurred and some examples:
• IKEA store in Åsan in Bergen in Norway was shut down last week after a bomb threat via the Internet. After a few hours the alarm was blown when the police found the culprit: An eight year old boy.

• In early September this year, all four Ikea stores in the Czech Republic were temporarily closed as Police neutralized a bomb-like object near one of them.
• In 2004 two men were sentenced to long prison terms for trying to squeeze Ikea out of money by threatening to place bombs in department stores in the Netherlands
Source: Swedish News network, TT

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