Nokia on a collision course with the Russian blogger


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Monday, 18 July 2011
Nokia’s share price is increasingly affected by bloggers writing about the company’s new products.  The company has been particularly exasperated by one well-known Russian blogger, whose criticisms have spread around the world. Nokia has now requested that the Russian authorities investigate the man. YLE met him in Moscow.

The internationally renowned Russian telecommunications analyst and blogger Eldar Murtaz has often published information about Nokia products and services ahead of their official launch. Nokia has made its displeasure clear.
”The company’s representatives have officially notified me that I am now enemy number one,” Murtaz told YLE.

Murtaz claims that leaks of confidential information have only increased. ”Nokia’s new leadership is trying to change the company’s former corporate culture, and make it more American. This has provoked opposition. The employees’ former loyalty to the company has disappeared since Stephen Elop became CEO. The leaks stem from that. People no longer believe in what they are doing, and they do not want to do what they are told.”
'Betting on a dead horse'

Murtaz is familiar with Nokia’s Windows Phone handset prototypes, which he says don’t look to be different to Windows Phone 7 models on offer from competitors.

”It’s the same inside, it’s the same speed, the display is the same. There aren’t any differences. In practice we are getting exactly the same device.”
He is surprised that Nokia is now relying solely on Microsoft.
”It is limiting. Nokia discontinued the Symbian and Meego operating systems and is clinging to an outside system with a smaller market share. It is betting on a dead horse.”
Nokia: ‘rumours and speculation’

According to Murtaz, Nokia did not get any special treatment from Microsoft despite rumours of the partnership spreading since last February.
”We already know that in practice Nokia didn’t get anything at all. There is no chance of changing the display, they cannot add their own unique services. In practice Nokia’s Windows 7 phone is just Nokia’s own design. And that’s it.”
Murtaz believes Stephen Elop is leading Nokia towards a clear goal.
”He will create the conditions under which Nokia will no longer have any other option but to sell a part of the company to Microsoft.”
Nokia did not want to comment on Murtaz’s statements on Monday, claiming the comments are simply speculation and rumours. According to Nokia, Murtaz has a vivid imagination. Nokia also says that Murtaz is said to work as a consultant for competing mobile manufacturers, so cannot be said to be an independent, impartial analyst.
News source: Yle Finland

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