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Blackberry trying to crack a tough Scandinavian market
Thursday, 10 November 2011
Blackberry is the name of the phones, most people in the Scandinavia have seen or heard of but very few have kept it. It wants to make a strong move to entre the tough Scandinavian market.

According to reports from Swedish media sources, should that happens now, then the new mobile brands will appear on the Swedish market with a product that is different from the almost exclusively Android dominated market.  Also, that  a new major manufacturers trying to enter the market, not only with cell phones and surf slates, but also with an operating system that is completely unknown to most, is extremely rare and has basically not happened since Apple put everything on peoples’ heads with the iPhone.

“It's a very tough market, but we love challenges,” says Paul Lucier, Northern Europe Manager at RIM (Research In Motion), which is reportedly having some six employees in the office in Stockholm.

Most Swedes have probably just heard the name Blackberry in movies or TV series, but the fact is that in many countries there is the fight among Smartphone manufacturers to be the leader in the leader in the market. The company is number one in Britain, and Holland for example.
The characteristics of most Blackberry phones are with a touch screen and keyboards, as such  an "old world", real keyboard.

“There are many users who now have to compromise when using the touch screen. I know with certainty that there is a fairly large proportion who would rather use the real keyboard,” says Paul Lucier.

Another characteristic and selling point is security. All data traffic from a Blackberry pass the company's own servers and it allows for better security than its competitors, including encryption. This is why Blackberry is almost standard in many companies, government agencies and certainly with the U.S. military and NATO.

“But the people who are using our phones to the most are the social network. We are bigger than their competitors on both Facebook and Twitter,” said Paul Lucier.
By Scancomark.se Team

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