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Belgian chefs launch backlash against Ikea which they accuse of price dumping their super restaurant.

Tuesday, 03 January 2012
Belgian restaurateur accuses Swedish furniture giant Ikea for predatory pricing in its department store restaurants.


Ikea sell food in their super market shops at a very low price such that it attracts more people to dine there and thereby pushing them (restaurateur) out of business. They contented according to report in Swedish business daily  Dagens Industri.  This has cause outrage among Belgian chefs and the have opted to launch a backlash against Ikea.

In protest, the restaurateurs collected homeless people by bus to Ikea for them to dine there, reports the Swedish business daily, Dagens Industri. A spokesman of the association of Belgian chefs in Brussels is reported saying that they gathered up to 200 homeless people in buses and drove them to Ikea and invited them to dinner.

The restaurateurs’ spokesman said that Ikea food prices are so low that it must be seen as a social service. According to the spokesman, the coach ferrying homeless to Ikea will continue until Ikea formally confirms that the price of food is being dumped.

The restaurateurs think that Ikea sells food at a loss in its restaurants to attract customers to brows for furniture and that the food should keep them there rather than distracting and taking them away to external restaurants or home.

By inviting the homeless to dine there, the restaurateurs hope that Ikea's losses on food sales will increase as such will revert from its action.
By Scancomark.se Team

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