Autoliv Presents New Safety Product - New windshield pillar for better driver visibility and better crash protection


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Stockholm, 14 June, 2011
At the on-going international conference Enhanced Safety of Vehicles (ESV), Autoliv, Inc. – the global leader in automotive safety systems – presented the test results of the Company’s latest innovation. It is an expandeble roof pillar for the windshield that is three times thinner than a traditional windshield pillar in order to enhance the driver’s field of view and reduce weight. In addition, the risk of roof intrusion is reduced.

The new windshield pillar is designed to be as slim as possible in order not to obscure the view of the driver. This will increase the driver’s vision angle by 25% compared to a state-of-the-art windshield pillar. In addition, the weight of the pillar is reduced by 10%.

However, in order not to compromise the life-saving energy absorbing capabilities of the roof pillar, Autoliv’s new roof pillar will expand in a crash using airbag technology. To provide this possibility, the cross section of the new windshield pillar consists of a folded and air-tight structure.
When the very powerful gas generator expands the new pillar, the stiffness of the pillar increases by 45%, according to tests with car bodies.

The integrity of the windshield pillars is critical in many crashes, especially in roll-overs when there is risk of roof intrusion and in so-called offset frontal crashes where only parts of the vehicle’s front-end is enganged in the impact. Very violent offset frontal crashes could cause the windshield pillar to bend and the passenger compartment to collapse.
An additional advantage with Autoliv’s new pillar concept is to provide increased design and styling freedom thanks to the slimmer pillars.
Based on press release circulated by Cisionwire

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