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Atlas Copco ranked 10 on the Global 100 list of sustainable companies
Stockholm, Sweden, January 25, 2012:
Atlas Copco has been ranked the world’s tenth most sustainable company in the annual Global 100 list, presented today at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Atlas Copco is the highest ranked industrial company.
“Our work to develop Atlas Copco in a sustainable and profitable way is yielding results,” said Annika Berglund, Senior Vice President Corporate Communications at Atlas Copco. “This long-standing effort was further enhanced last year with the introduction of a range of new goals. We are proud to see this development recognized on the Global 100 list.”

The Global 100 list is presented annually at the World Economic Forum. It is based on a selection of 4 000 developed and emerging market companies, which are measured against key performance indicators such as revenues in relation to consumption of energy and water. Atlas Copco was included on the list for five consecutive years until 2010, but was not ranked in 2011.
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