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Arrest warrant for Vladimir Antonov suspected of money laundry
Wednesday, 23 November 2011
Lithuania Prosecutors have issued a European arrest warrant for the Russian financier Vladimir Antonov, who is reported to have co-funded Spyker's purchase of Saab Automobile.

Reports from Swedish media as well as several foreign media say that Antonov is wanted for questioning in suspicion of fraud and money laundering.

“We are surprised at the authorities' behavior,” says Oleg Suhorukov, one of Vladimir Antonov associates who also served as a director in the snow bank also refused to comment about the whole situation.

“I can not comment on it. I'm sorry,” says Oleg Suhorukov, who was always with Antonov  and have made appearances including motor shows and when he drove in the mid might rally in Sweden last summer.

Vladimir Antonov is still an indirect financier of Saab Automobile. According to his own information, Saab was given a loans of at least Skr800 million to Victor Muller's company which is a major shareholder in Saab's owner company, Swedish Automobile. If remain unclear if any of the banks involved in the current crisis gave loans to Saab owner.

Antonov has long been controversial. In a report to Swedish government in December 2009, shortly before General Motors decided to close down Saab, a long-standing conflict with a senior person within the Bank of Russia and his controversy with the British FSA in London were described in the report.

As for rumours of money laundering, the report conducted by U.S. research firm Kroll, states that there is the need for more studies and investigation.
This summer, Antonov rejected criticism from the Lithuanian central bank that Snoras would have lent out money too easily. He called it blackmail and said in a statement that he felt that this type of lies emerged due to his intentions with Saab.

European Investment Bank (EIB) did not allow Antonov to become a part owner of Saab. A condition of the EIB lend money to the Saab was that Antonov was held outside the ownership sphere. Even GM did not want Antonov to be part of Saab.

Antonov threatened last summer to sue the EIB and the Swedish government for failing to make it easy for him to buy into the Saab.
By Scancomark.se Team

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