Apoteket eats into the heart of Swedish people knocking off Ikea from the top


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Friday, 06 May 2011
For many years, Ikea has a darling to the Swedish people and has been their favourite company. But this year that has changed and many Swedes seem to have fallen in love with something else.
Apoteket or the pharmacy had emerged as first place according to a survey carried out to seek Swedish people’s interest in the country’s companies.

Each year, 14 000 Swedes are questioned on what they think of the largest companies in Sweden. The Survey compiled by the research-based company Nordic Brand Academy, shows that this year there has been changes in both the top and bottom of the list.

"What we can see now is that despite a deregulated market where several competitors have entered the runway so they (Apoteket or pharmacy) managed to not only to deliver in a good way, but also do it in way the public perceive as very honest and transparent, "said Robert Gelmanovski, CEO of Nordic Brand Academy on Apoteket's  unexpected attractiveness.

Last year, the Swedes' confidence in banks fell sharply. This year it is the banks that have made the most progress.

Like last year, confidence in the energy companies remained weak, but the worst reputation, is the train company SJ, which crashed to the very last place.

“In the case of SJ, it's so obvious that if you have the overall promise to take people from point A to point B and you do not deliver on it so that affects the reputation very hard, "said Robert Gelmanovski.
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