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Antonov’s bank Suspected violations of the banking law and might be taken over
Wednesday, 16 November 2011
The man who wanted to own Saab automobile, Russia financier, Vladimir Antonov continue to see his stress level being forced up by western authorities. New revelation now is that his bank Snoras,  based in Lithuanian is considered to have violated the banking rules of that country and as such the Lithuanian Central Bank wants to take it over.


According to the Lithuanian Central Bank, it is possible that the bank will be taken over because of the risk Snoras may become insolvent and have financial difficulties and because of suspicion of possible criminal activity within the bank’s operations.

"During an inspection, we found that significant amounts of collateral held by foreign institutions were missing. When we asked these foreign institutions about the securities they replied that they did not exist, "said Vitas Vasiliauskas, Lithuanian Central Bank Chief.

The central bank has applied to the Government that the bank should be placed under a trustee. Finance Minister Ingrida Simonyte clarified the government's stance on the issue at a press conference:
"The government has decided to take over Snoras Bank, in the public interest.”
Snoras also owns a bank in Latvia, Krajbanka. But the bank said that its activity is not affected by the Trusteeship problems suffered by snorer.
By Scancomark.se Team

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