Saab automobile aspirant, Antonov rejects criticisms levelled against him and his bank


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Wednesday, 13 July 2011
Vladimir Antonov’s Swedish spokesman, Lars Carlstrom has rejected reports earlier today that his bank in Lithuania had committed misgivings and has been called to order by the Lithuanian Central Bank.

They argue that Antonov’s Lithuania bank, Snoras carries out reckless lending and also gave special concessions to some companies that had questionable credit history.  It was also suspected that this could have been the reason why the EIB was reluctant to grant the Russian businessman authorisation to become Saab shareholder or part owner.

"The information about that Snoras would be in an unstable financial situation does not represent reality, and weighing obviously towards an element of extortion. The existence of this type of  “lies” has undoubtedly emerged as a result of our intentions with Saab," writes Antonov in a statement.


Since it was reported that the bank made losses and was forced to issue rights issues, the EIB is reported to have seen this as a point to delay Antonov’s deal with Saab.

“The rights issue was not the criticism of reckless lending,” according to Lars Carlstr�m, Swedish spokesman for the Antonov:
“And if that was the case, the Bank felt that this was the point of not letting Antonov become a part owner and financier of Saab, it would have been put on the table long ago. I think this is a sideline and no one knows where it comes from.”

Neither the EIB nor the Saab would comment on the findings but Lars Carlstrom persistently believes that EIB’s doubt of Antonov comes from hidden agenda, where prestige is paramount.

“They once said no and then want to show that you were right from the start.”

Another side of Vladimir Antonov discussing hold that his operations  got funding through Latvian Krajbanka (Savings Bank), which he owns through the parent bank Snoras, confirmed by that Latvian Financial Supervisory authority. In it Krajbanka, together with Snoras had lent large sums to the airline Air Baltic, which Antonov indirectly owns approximately 47 percent.

Latvian Financial Supervisory authority neither confirms nor denies the information. It refers to its  revisions of the financial market operations on a regular basis.
By Scancomark,se Team

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