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Analysts see new window phones to break Nokia's fall It is too early to call?
Thursday, 27 October 2011
The research firm Gartner told Finnish national broadcaster, YLE on Wednesday that the newly introduced Windows-based phones will likely help Nokia advance on the smartphone market.

The network reports that top analyst Carolina Milanesi from Gartner told  them that the new smartphones will help stop Nokia’s downward spiral on the smartphone market.
However Milanesi says that more models are needed in different price ranges in order to properly evaluate Nokia’s success.

According to Milanesi, this will be seen after next summer.
Markets remained calm over news as Nokia share prices spiked by 3.5 percent on the Helsinki Stock Exchange on Wednesday morning when Nokia first unveiled the new models in London.

The hike proved to be short-lived, with the share price levelling out later in the day.
Later in the evening, the price was up between 2 and 3 percent, before dropping slightly into the negative territory. Trading closed with Nokia shares 0.6 percent down.

Another analyst said that the phones are not yet showing any thing different and spectacular. There is the believe that with nothing spectacular and at a higher price rage, the phones need to be special for big changes to be seen. New and diverse models must come out  otherwise Nokia will still have a hard time to return to its glorious leading position
By Scancomark.se Team

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