Agreement between Saab and Chinese collaborators finally signed.


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Monday, 04 July 2011
Swedish Automobile, Saab manufacturer, has signed a definitive agreement for cooperation with Chinese Pang Da and China Youngman. It will secure Skr245 million to the ailing carmaker in Trollh�ttan.

The agreement, which keeps the door open to the Russian financier, Vladimir Antonov, must be approved by the authorities for the deal to be implemented.


The plan includes that Youngman will produce three new cars: Saab 9-1, Saab 9-6 and Saab 9-7 in china for the Chinese market or may also be exported is required.
According to Saab boss, Victor Muller, it gives the cooperation a chance to develop car models that have not previously been part of the business plan, which is 9-1. It will be a small car for first time car buyers.

"A car that has long been at the top of our wish list," writes Muller in a statement.
Pang Qingnian, president of Youngman, think that the agreement on product development brings together the "best of both worlds" by merging the industrial and financial power of Youngman and the technical expertise of Saab.

Pang Qinghua, director of dealer Pang Da, believe that the new product development plan will fall out well in the global market and "Particularly in China," he writes.
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