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A record number of trucks looted in Sweden by thieves

Monday, 19 March 2012
Last year, the number of thefts from trucks in Sweden was recorded by nearly 20 percent, according to figures from the police whom radio Sweden. Never before have had so many thefts recorded in as presented in the police statistics.

Mats Nilsson, who runs a gas station with trucks parking just outside Jönköping, got tired of all the thefts and farmed in the parking lot.

Speaking to radio Sweden he said that “It has always been a concern that has been worrying. We wanted to get rid of and get control of. Therefore, we have a secure car park,” says Mats Nilsson.

A couple of meters high fence to protect drivers load when they stay for the night here at the rest stop in Hyltena on the E4 just south of Jönköping has been planned. It costs about Skr100, which many drivers seem willing to pay.

“I think it is a bit like that. It is unfortunate that we do realize the benefits,” says Mats Nilsson.
Over the years which the police has compiled statistics, there has never before been so many thefts as last year. Total reported theft was over 3000, an increase of over 18 percent compared to 2010.

“It's alarming, because in many cases it is organized crime that is involved in the thefts,” says commissioner Hakan Carlsson at the police in Västra Götaland.

Right now, smart phones are some of the strongest target for thieves. Even though the sale value can amount to many millions, often little is done to protect the load.

Police believe that the cost if is linked to the production cost only as it is just a fraction of sales value.
“Thieves get well paid for the product, but for the manufacturer it does not cost much to manufacture new ones” says commissioner Hakan Carlsson.
Besides electronics, everything from frozen chicken to a razors are also stolen.

Today there is no such places in the Stockholm area where the trucks can be safe if they arrive before the goods are opened open. “Just secure fenced parking lots is one of the most important measures we believe in,” says Hans Engstrom, spokeswoman for Sweden's trucking companies.
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