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50 new jobs to be created as Akzo Nobel displaces back to Sweden
Saturday, 26 November 2011
Some 50 new jobs are pitted to be created when Akzo Nobel Industrial Coatings AB moves its home business from Cologne in Germany to Sege outside Malmo, according to press reports.

According to Swedish daily, Skånska Dagbladet, Stefan Fagerström, managing director of the company said that "We will be out now seeking people to the services. This is everything from production and warehouse personnel to chemical engineers. Perhaps it is not just 56 posts, it is conceivable that someone moves.”

“We make paints and varnishes for wood processing industry in Europe. The company has a manufacturing plant, and also some development, in Cologne. It is the business that is now moving back home to Sege. It is a process which has been carried out in stages up to 2012. It also means that we are making some investments in new machines.”
The company has currently 200 employees Sege. The move from Germany sees a 50-percent increase in production volume, but Stefan Fagerström emphasizes that the German production is completely water-based.
The intention is that the company will work in the same markets in Europe as in the past, but production will concentrated in Sege.
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