30 000 commuters may be affected by Debacles with DSBFirst


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Tuesday, 07 June 2011
Now it depends on DSB First to retain the right to operate its Swedish side of its traffic which starts in Denmark and runs through the west coast of Sweden.  This traffic affects some 30 000 Swedish commuters between Sweden and Denmark. If the company’s licience is withdrawn, there will be massive interruption in the traffic in the sector.

The crisis ridden Danish – Scottish rail company DSBFirst which operates the Oresund trains  and west cost lines will see either today, Tuesday, or tomorrow, if the decision of the  Swedish Transport Agency will see it failing to meet the requirements to continue operating  that rail line or not. The wait is to see whether their operating licence in Sweden will be withdrawn given their financial state.

"It is a very serious situation," said Mats Persson, Chairman of the Board of public transport in the Sk´┐Żne region in southern Sweden, to Swedish daily Dagens Nyhter.
The scandal surrounding the train company, DSB First, was rolled up in March. Accountants blew the whistle on that DSB, one of the parent companies of DSB First, and owned by the Danish Government violated the EU competition requirement when millions crossed from the DBS to DSB First.


The Company agreed to the deficiencies and the when the money was withdrawn, DSB first  shifted closer to bankruptcy. “We have requested in their financial statements to see if they have sufficient resources. You have to have a good economy under the Railway Act to operate a railway line in Sweden, "said Henry Olari, press officer at the Swedish Transport Board, to Dagens Nyhter.

All additional information has now been received and the Transportation Board will hold a meeting on Tuesday to discuss the issue.

If it happens that DSB First is withdrawn its contract to run trains in Sweden, that will affect directly approximately 30 000 Swedish commuters each day who go over the bridge to work in Copenhagen.

Mats Persson, said that “We are prepared for any other player who can go in and operating the routes so as to make traffic move on. Our assessment is that it can be done in a way that passengers are not caught in the middle, " he said.

But authorities believe that there is a huge challenge and a very serious situation if any disruption is to occur. Even if they immediately find a new operator, this risk must be assessed by the Transport Agency before they are awarded an operating licenses.  These licences and permits don’t come quickly and no one can operate a train in Sweden without a permit from the Swedish transport authority.
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